New Issue of FPC (11:2)

The latest issue of Frontiers of Philosophy in China has been published, with a special focus on the challenge that excavated texts pose to Chinese philosophical research today. Until the end of August, the full issue (full text) is available here to read or download. The full Table of Contents follows.

Frontiers of Philosophy in China

Volume 11·Number 2·June 2016


Special Theme: Excavated Manuscripts from Antiquity

Dennis Schilling / Introduction to the Special Theme—A Challenge for Chinese Philosophical Research Today      163

GUO Yi / Research Findings Concerning Excavated Texts and Learning in Early China  168

Franklin Perkins / The Laozi and the Cosmogonic Turn in Classical Chinese Philosophy          185

DING Sixin / A Study of the Key Concepts “Heng” and “Hengxian” in the Hengxian on Chu Bamboo Slips Housed at the Shanghai Museum           206

WANG Miquan / The Meaning of Xing形and Moral Transformation in Wuxing 222

CHEN Jie / Origins of Numbers in Shifa of Tsinghua Bamboo Slip Manuscripts 236

Research Articles

HE Chaoan / What Is Not So Fine with Fine’s Critique of the Modal Account of Essence           250

NIE Chenwei / Delusional Beliefs, Two-Factor Theories, and Bizarreness          263

López-Astorga Miguel / Logic, Pragmatics, and Types of Conditionals             279

LI Guiyan / Nietzsche’s Nihilism                                                              298

Book Reviews

T.C. Kline III and Justin Tiwald, eds., Ritual and Religion in the Xunzi (reviewed by David Chai)           320

Kari Weil, Thinking Animals: Why Animal Studies Now? (reviewed by William Edelglass)          324

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