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The latest issue of FPC is available, with a focus on “Contemporary Explorations of the Thought of Laozi.” Read on for the details.

【Current Issue: Vol.12, No.3, 2017】

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Introduction to the Special Theme “Daoist Philosophy II: Contemporary Explorations in the Thought of the Laozi 

Thomas Michael

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 335-339.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0025-0 

 Abstract    PDF (214KB)

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The Philosophy of “Naturalness” in the Laozi and Its Value For Contemporary Society

ZHANG Weiwen

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 340-357.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0026-7 

 Abstract    PDF (329KB)

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Exploring the Non-objectified Character of Dao in the Laozi : A Modern Articulation1

LIN Guanghua

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 358-376.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0027-4 

 Abstract    PDF (371KB)

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The Enjoyment of the Sage and the Common People: A New Perspective on the Cosmology of the Laozi

CAO Feng

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 377-392.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0028-1 

 Abstract    PDF (401KB)

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Paradoxes in the Textual Development of the Laozi: A Closer Examination of Chapters Eight and Twenty-Four

CUI Xiaojiao

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 393-407.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0029-8 

 Abstract    PDF (332KB)

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Ontology and Metaphysics in Chinese Philosophy


Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 408-428.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0030-2 

 Abstract    PDF (492KB)

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Love and the Paradoxes of Unity: Zhu Xi’s Debate with Followers of Cheng Hao over “Perceptual Oneness”

ZHENG Zemian

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 429-449.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0031-9 

 Abstract    PDF (308KB)

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Liangzhi and the Interpretative Obfuscation Regarding Knowledge 

CHANG Tzu-li

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 450-465.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0032-6 

 Abstract    PDF (264KB)

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Western Marxism’s Misreading of Marx’s Critique of Capitalism

DONG Xinchun

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 466-482.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0033-3 

 Abstract    PDF (178KB)

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On Affectionate Respect in Gender Justice: An Inquiry into the Cultural Abuse of Sex

SHAN Jiangdong

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 483-504.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0034-0 

 Abstract    PDF (206KB)

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GU Hongliang, A Misreading of Pragmatism: The Influence of Dewey’s Philosophy on Modern Chinese Philosophy(reviewed by Zhang Jieke, He Mingze)

ZHANG Jieke, HE Mingze

Front. Philos. China. 2017, 12 (3): 505-509.   DOI: 10.3868/s030-006-017-0035-7 

 Abstract    PDF (101KB)

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