New Journal: The Journal of Japanese Philosophy

The Journal of Japanese Philosophy aims to publish its first issue in the Spring of 2013. Here is a description from its website:

The Journal of Japanese Philosophy (JJP, hereinafter) is the first and only international peer-reviewed journal on Japanese philosophy, an academic area that has been receiving increasing global attention for some time now. By enhancing the quality of research through a worldwide, recognized consortium of scholars, this journal intends to provide an international platform for Japanese philosophy, and to further establish an academic status that other philosophical traditions such as Chinese and Indian philosophies already enjoy.

This annual journal is devoted to scholarly engagement with open discussions of a wide variety of philosophical texts and discourse. The journal aims to demonstrate the relevance of Japanese philosophy for all fields of contemporary philosophizing. It welcomes rigorous academic papers on all time periods and all areas of Japanese philosophy, classical to contemporary, from a variety of perspectives, including interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and comparative studies of philosophical traditions in Japan and the West.

Having no preference for any particular religious tradition or philosophical school, it will also provide a new platform for scholars in the field of area studies or Japanology.

Article should not exceed 8,000 words and follows the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Book review should not exceed 2,500 words. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by at least two specialists.

The deadline for submission of the inaugural issue is February 29, 2012. Please send your paper to

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