New Project: Collecting Teaching Resources

It’s the middle of the summer in the US, but a new academic year will be on us soon enough, and we have decided to devote a new section of the blog to teaching Chinese philosophy, including Comparative courses (broadly speaking–i.e., combining significant amounts of Chinese and non-Chinese philosophical content in a single course). The new page is here.

Our goal is to collect syllabi, links to reviews of teaching-related resources, and anything else that our community thinks might be helpful. Anyone can also use the comments area on that page to make suggestions, ask questions about pedogogy, and so on. We still encourage blog contributors to post their thoughts on teaching in the normal fashion; search the category “pedagogy” for recent posts on this theme.

If you have a resource you would like shared here, please email it to Steve Angle or Manyul Im. Either a PDF or a link to stable on-line materials is preferred. For syllabi, please include: (1) Coverage (i.e., time period, main figures/texts, or main topics), and (2) Notes & Special Features (e.g., designed for large lecture-style introduction; assumes prior course in Pre-Qin Philosophy; upper-division seminar; etc.).

Comments or suggestions here on how to make this initiative maximally useful are hereby encouraged!


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