New Newsletter from APA’s Committee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophy and Philosophers

APA Newsletters, Spring 2014 (Volume 13, Number 2)

Newsletter on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies
From the Guest Editor, “The CAAAPP Year in Review: New Trends in Asian Philosophy and Postcolonial Theory,” Leah Kalmanson
“Expressing Conventional Truths,” Amy Donahue
“Gandhi’s Satyagraha: Reinterpreting Satyakriya (Act of Truth) as a Political Strategy,” Veena Rani Howard
“The Concept of Minjung: Inventing “a People to Come,” Boram Jeong
“Populism, Pueblos, and Plutocracy: Notes on Radical Democracy from Latin America,” Grant Silva
“Announcement on the Society for Teaching Comparative Philosophy,” Sarah Mattice

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