November 2018 New Books

A number of interesting new books have been published recently and I have fallen behind in posting about them. Take a look!

Martin Powers, China and England: The Preindustrial Struggle for Justice in Word and Image (Routledge, 2018)

Roger T. Ames and Jinhua Jia, eds., Li Zehou and Confucian Philosophy (Hawaii, 2018)

Sébastien Billioud, ed., The Varieties of Confucian Experience: Documenting a Grassroots Revival of Tradition (Brill, 2018)

Li Zehou, Robert Carleo trans., The Origins of Chinese Thought: From Shamanism to Ritual Regulations and Humaneness (Brill, 2018)

John Lagerwey, Paradigm Shifts in Early and Modern Chinese Religion: A History (Brill, 2018)

Michael Hunter and Martin Kern, eds., Confucius and the Analects Revisited: New Perspectives on Composition, Dating, and Authorship (Brill, 2018)

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  1. Also:

    Jeong Yak-yong (Dasan), The Analects of Dasan, Volume III: A Korean Syncretic Reading, Hongkyung Kim (tr. and comm.), Oxford University Press, 2018, ISBN 978-0190902407.

    This volume covers Books 8-10 of the Analects of Confucius.

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