Call for Papers: ISCWP, APA Pacific Meeting, San Francisco, March 30-April 2, 2016.

Dear ISCWP members,

The ISCWP plans to sponsor one or two panels at the 2016 APA Pacific Meeting, which will take place in San Francisco, March 30-April 2, 2016.

We would like to encourage submissions of proposals of individual papers and panels. We encourage papers or panels that promote in-depth engagement between Chinese and Western philosophy. The submissions will be reviewed by all the three members of the board. When we select papers, we normally try to find papers that have common theme to form a panel. You may have a better chance to be accepted if you submit a panel proposal which already has a common theme.


For the 2016 APA Pacific Meeting, we would especially like to encourage submissions on the following themes: the methodology of doing comparative philosophy; Chinese philosophy and continental philosophy; Chinese philosophy and the history of philosophy; Chinese philosophy and other humanities and social sciences disciplines (such as women and gender studies, anthropology, religious studies, and literature).


Eligibility: We continue to welcome non-ISCWP members to propose papers to be included on an ISCWP-sponsored panel, or even propose a panel that is related to the ISCWP’s aims, so please feel free to send this notice to philosophers who might be interested even if they are not ISCWP members yet.


Please send all submissions by Sept. 15th, 2015.

Please send abstracts and proposals to:


  1. To submit a paper proposal, please provide a 250-300 word abstract. The abstract needs to include the presenter’s name, institutional affiliation, paper title, and email address.
  2. To submit a panel proposal, please provide an overall abstract of the panel topic of 250-300 words, including due justification. It must include the following for each chair, speaker, and commentator on your panel:


  • –  Name as it is to appear in print
  • –  Affiliation
  • –  email address
  • –  paper title and abstract (for presenters)
  1. You may submit a partial panel proposal – the earlier the better – and ask for help in filling it out.

We may help build panels based on partial panel proposals received early in the process.


Members of the ISCWP Board

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