Panels at the 2022 Eastern APA

The 2022 Eastern APA Conference will be taking place in early January, both in-person (on Jan. 5-7) and on-line (on Jan. 13-14). Details are here. The provisional program is available for download here. I have taken a read through and attempted to extract all the Chinese philosophy-related panels (plus those on Korean philosophy), which I paste below. If you notice any mistakes or omissions, please let me know!

2022 Eastern APA Chinese Philosophy-Related Panels

In-Person – Week One

Wednesday, Jan. 5


Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2:00-3:50pm

2B. Invited Symposium: On the Desuperiorization of Western Philosophy

Session details TBA


Thursday, Jan. 6

Thursday, Jan. 6, 4:00-5:50pm

G8D. Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

Chair: TBA

Speaker: Elena Ziliotti (Delft University of Technology)

“A Democratic Conception of Confucian Leadership”


Thursday, Jan. 6, 7:00-10:00pm

G9K. Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Topic: Emotions in Early Chinese Philosophy

Chair: TBA


Brandon Underwood (Vanderbilt University)

“Zhuangzian Boredom”

Waldemar Brys (University of New South Wales)

“Benevolent Agents in the Mengzi and the Problem of 2A5”

Frank Saunders (Yonsei University)

“Two Approaches to Fate in the Zhuangzi”

Jing Iris Hu (Concordia University)

“Confucius Was Lonely Too”


Friday, Jan. 7

Friday, Jan. 7, 9am-10:50am

10I. APA Committee Session: Contemporary Perspectives on Korean Philosophy

Arranged by the APA Committee on Asian and Asian American Philosophers and Philosophies


Philip Ivanhoe (Georgetown University)


Soyi Chung (Sogang University)

“Korean Confucian Women Philosophers”

Lucy Hyekyung Jee (Yonsei University) “The Variation in Mind Cultivation in Korean Buddhist Philosophy”

Hannah Kim (Macalester College)

“Continuing Themes in North Korean Philosophy”

Hwa Yeong Wang (Georgetown University)

“The Korean Ritual Debates and Its Contemporary Relevance”

Bongrae Seok (Alvernia University)

“Philosophy of Mind and Moral Psychology in Korean Neo-Confucianism”

This session will end later than 10:50 a.m.


Friday, Jan. 7, 11:00-12:50pm [ignore the misleading page header on time]

G11E. Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA) Topic: 2020 Dao Annual Best Essay Award

Chair: Yong Huang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Speaker: Shushan Lee (California State University)

“‘What Did the Emperor Ever Say’—The Public Transcript of Confucian Political Obligation”


Stephen Angle (Wesleyan University)

Manyul Im (University of Bridgeport)


Friday, Jan. 7, 2:00-3:50pm

G12E. Society for Teaching Comparative Philosophy

Topic: Teaching Philosophy Amid Upheaval

Chair: Jeremy Henkel (Wofford College)

Speakers: TBA


G12G. North American Korean Philosophy Association

Topic: Korean Philosophy Feminism, Moral Metaphysics, and Aesthetics

Chair: Edward Chung (University of Prince Edward Island)


Bongrae Seok (Alvernia University)

“The Sim Seol Debate: A Debate on the Nature of the Moral Mind and the End of Moral Metaphysics”

Hye-Kyung Kim (University of Wisconsin–Green Bay)

“Yunjidang’s Feminism and Mengzi”

Dobin Choi (University of Iowa)

“Aesthetic and Practical Significance of Dasan’s Theory of Human-Nature-as-Taste”


Friday, Jan. 7, 7:00-10:00pm

G14G. International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy

Session details TBA


On-Line — Week Two

Thursday, Jan. 13

Thursday, Jan. 13, 11:00-12:50pm

18E. Colloquium: Ancient Philosophy

Chair: TBA


Qiu Lin (Duke University)

“Zhuangzi on Yu, Zhou, and the Ontic Indeterminacy of the Dao”


Stephen Walker (University of Chicago)


Samuel Bennett (Purdue University) “Nonvoluntary Action and Regret in Aristotle”


Rory Hanlon (University of Chicago)


Thursday, Jan. 13, 2:00-5:00pm

G19C. Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA) Topic: Ontology, Feminist Philosophy, and Emancipation in Chinese Philosophy

Chair: Yuanfang Dai (Michigan State University)


Yuanfang Dai (Michigan State University) “Beyond Confucianism: Feminist Scholarship on Daoism and Buddhism”

Rafal Banka (University of Oxford)

“Dao as a Unified Object or Plurality: A Mereological Nihilism Perspective”

Zofia Wybieralska (National Chengchi University)

“How to Transgress the Differentiation Caused by Biological Gender? The Daoist Neidan Female Cultivation in the Light of Feminist Philosophy” Sophia Gao (University of New South Wales)

“Sympathy and Empathy in Caring Practices: A Hybrid Model of Noddings’ Feminist Care Ethics and Mencian Philosophy”

Henrique Schneider (City University of Seattle)

“Confucianism as ‘Progressive’ Philosophy”


Friday, Jan. 14

Friday, Jan. 14, 9am-10:50am

G20A. International Society of Chinese Philosophy (ISCP)
Topic: Comparative Philosophies of Sublation, Divination, and Yin- Yang

Chair: Joseph Harroff (American University)

Yves Vende (Loyola Marymount University)

“François Noel and Cross-Cultural Virtue Ethics: The Philosophia Sinica and Yijing”
Jana Rošker (University of Ljubljana)
“Chinese and Global Philosophy: (Post)- comparative Transcultural Approaches and the Method of Sublation” “
Mark Kevin Cabural (Xiamen University)
“A Humanist Reading of Wang Chong’s Defense of Divination””
T. K. Chu (Retiree at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
“The Space-Time Experience by the Schema: Time-Determination (in pre-ether Kant) vs. Space- Determination (Shi [勢] of Yin-Yang)”


Friday, Jan 14, 11:00am-12:50pm

G21C. International Society of Chinese Philosophy (ISCP) Topic: Nature, Emotion, and Transformation of Self

Chair: Jea Sophia Oh (West Chester University)


Bongrae Seok (Alvernia University) and Xiangnong Hu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“Yi (Optimal Appropriateness) and Li (Benefit) in the Mengzi: Against the Consequentialist Interpretation”

Stephen Walker (University of Chicago)

“The Huainanzi and the Rule of Law”

Wang Kai (Beijing Normal University)

“Xunzi’s Notion of ‘Transformation-the-Self-with- the-Way’ (huadao 化道) and Its Self-cultivation Connotation”


Friday, Jan 14, 2:00-5:00pm

G22C. North American Korean Philosophy Association

Topic: Recent Publications in Korean Philosophy: Meet the Authors

Chair: Suk Gabriel Choi (Towson University)


Suk Gabriel Choi (Towson University)

“Choi Han-Ki’s Gi (Qi) Philosophy”

Edward Chung (University of Prince Edward Island, Canada)

“Meet Edward Chung, the Author of a New Book on Yi Toegye’s Moral and Religious Thought”

Donald Baker (University of British Columbia) “Translating Tasan: What does Tasan mean by ch’eyong 體用 and sŏng 性?”

Hye Young Kim (Ecole Normale Supérieure)

“We as Self: Ouri in Korean”


G22D. International Society of Chinese Philosophy (ISCP)

Topic: Negotiating Personhood and Womanhood in East Asian Thoughts

Chair: Ann Pang-White (University of Scranton)


Jea Sophia Oh (West Chester University)

“Nüwa (the Mother God of Chinese Mythology) and Salim (Enlivening in Korean), the Power of Yin (the Divine Feminine): A Comparative Earth-Care Ethic”

Jing Iris Hu (Concordia University)

“Roles and Virtues: Which Is More Important for Confucian Women?”

Wanming Wang (McGill University)

“Writing with Authority: The Legitimization of Women in Poetic Traditions during the High Qing Era (1683–1839)”

Lili Zhang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

“Gender Harmony: A Model of Relational Equality”

Jingjing Li (Leiden University)

“Rethinking Difference: Kuiji’s Theory of Tathagatagarbha and the Feminist Ideal”

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