New Book: Perkins on Problem of Evil

An important new book is now available from Indiana University Press:

Heaven and Earth Are Not Humane: The Problem of Evil in Classical Chinese Philosophy
Franklin Perkins

“Much of the richness of the book lies in its strikingly original readings of familiar texts, and the deeply attentive analysis of key problems in these texts that are illuminated by reading them in relation to Chinese ‘problems of evil.” -Aaron D. Stalnaker, Indiana University Bloomington

That bad things happen to good people was as true in early China as it is today. Franklin Perkins uses this observation as the thread by which to trace the effort by Chinese thinkers of the Warring States Period (c.475-221 BCE), a time of great conflict and division, to seek reconciliation between humankind and the world. Perkins provides rich new readings of classical Chinese texts and reflects on their significance for Western philosophical discourse.

World Philosophies
312 pp.
cloth 978-0-253-01168-8 $90.00
paper 978-0-253-01172-5 $35.00
ebook 978-0-253-01176-3 $29.99

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