CFP: Philosophers/Zhexuejia – Special Heidegger Issue

Heidegger: East, West, Today, Tomorrow

A Special Issue of Philosophers (2016)

in Memory of the 40th Anniversary of Heidegger’s Death

Martin Heidegger is undeniably one of the few philosophers who have exerted great influences upon the general direction of development of Western philosophy since the past century. His Denkweg has effectively initiated a mode of thinking that allegedly takes its point of departure from human finitude and stays close to human beings’ being-together with things in the world. What is unique of Heidegger also consists in his multi-layered and yet forever baffling connection with ancient Eastern sources and with contemporary Asian thinkers. His insight into the deleterious infiltration of Western dualistic metaphysical framework into the interpretation of Eastern classics by both Western specialists and native Asian thinkers will continue to be a stimulus for fresh understanding and development of Eastern ideas in connection with the historical realities wherein these ideas were embedded and with their relevance to the contemporary world.

Philosophers (Zhexuejia) is an annual peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the School of Philosophy at Renmin University of China and published by Renmin Chubanshe (Beijing). It aims to bring together advanced scholarly articles devoted to frontier researches in all areas of philosophy. 2016 will be the 40th Anniversary of Heidegger’s Death. Philosophers would like to take this occasion to promote Chinese language Heidegger studies. We believe that it is more conducive to comparative philosophy that research results are presented not only in English but also in Chinese. The special issue will give priority to original papers of comparative studies that are reflective of a paradigm shift. It would also welcome in-depth studies of and critical engagement with Heidegger’s thinking in various aspects. The length of the article is between 8,000 and 15,000 Chinese characters including references and notes. All submissions should be sent to before January 15, 2016, and notification regarding acceptance/rejection will be given by May 15, 2016. Please follow the format in the Chinese version below.




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