Post-Doctoral Positions at East China Normal University

East China Normal University has a number of post-doctoral positions available for 2024-2026 with rolling admissions.
In particular, Paul J. D’Ambrosio can accept one post-doctoral student. This person should specialize in early Chinese philosophy, and be interested in taking on responsibilities related to the 四海為學 Collaborative Learning project (, as well as co-teaching in East China Normal University’s English-taught graduate program in Chinese philosophy (
This position is open to anyone who has completed their PhD in the past couple of years; high preference will be given to Chinese nationals, though anyone may apply. Applicants must be able to be in Shanghai by October 2024 at the latest. (Full time residence is not required, for details on this, as well as funding and other information please write an email to the address below.)
Please send your CV and introductory letter to pauljdambrosio (at) hotmail (dot) (com) by July 1st.

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