Publication Opportunity: Early Chinese Self-Cultivation

Publication opportunity (non-peer-reviewed) for articles on “early Chinese self-cultivation”. On July 1st, 2015, Paul Fischer (Western Kentucky University) and Lin Zhipeng 林志鵬 (Fudan University) hosted a workshop in Shanghai on early Chinese self-cultivation (entitled 治氣養心之術——中國早期修身方法), hosted by the 復旦大學中華文明國際研究中心. (Please find the schedule attached.) The Center is willing to publish the collected papers of the workshop, but have allowed us to expand the volume somewhat. Therefore we are seeking submissions from non-participants to be included in this volume.

The goal is to have a coherent set of papers, preferably by younger scholars, on this topic. There are two caveats. One is that this volume is not peer-reviewed (although we will read and choose which submissions are to be accepted). A second is that there is no copy-editor, so you will be fully responsible for your own papers. However, due to the nature of this publication, it will be possible to re-publish something that you have already published elsewhere. (Please note: if you consider re-publishing something you have previously published, you must get written permission from your publisher.) Submissions in either Chinese or English will be considered. Please email inquiries and/or submissions to both Paul Fischer ( and Lin Zhipeng (, preferably before the end of this calendar year.

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