Roberts, “Why Confucius Rubs America the Wrong Way”

Moss Roberts has published an opinion piece in the Asia Times entitled “Why Confucius Rubs America the Wrong Way.” Roberts begins:

The campaign to eliminate the Confucius Institutes from American education marks a level of ideological insecurity that has characterized this country for a long time. Willful ignorance about China has been an important part of that insecurity. The mission of the institutes is not ambitious; it is mainly devoted to offering Chinese language courses in colleges that lack them or have fledgling programs. As for Confucius himself, in America, interest in his thinking has never been strong; in China relatively greater attention is given to American thinkers and writers.

3 replies on “Roberts, “Why Confucius Rubs America the Wrong Way””

  1. Stephen Leach says:

    Where can we see the rest of this?

  2. Shaun ODwyer says:

    Apart from the wide-ranging pro-Beijing apologetics – which I won’t bother to tackle – the author’s attempt to hitch negative judgements about Confucius Institutes to opposition to Confucianism by American elites is a red herring. Apart from their name, Confucius Institutes have very little to do with Confucian teaching, and merely teach Chinese language and culture; the main criticism is that they are Trojan horses for United Front influence operations and sharp power, by a CCP regime that itself only takes superficial interest in Confucianism. It doesn’t help their image that they are embedded in foreign universities, rather than being standalone cultural/educational institutions like the British Council or the Goethe Institute.
    A while back I wrote an op-ed to shed some light on the issues with Confucius Institutes in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, which I’m personally more familiar with –

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