Saltveit’s new project:

Friend of the blog, Mark Saltveit, writes:

Hello.  I have a new project that may be interesting to readers of WW&W:, a place for irreverent spirituality.  My focus is on manifestations of contemplative religion/philosophy in the modern West, primarily Daoism of course but not limited to that.

My current post might be especially interesting to your followers: an analysis of one line of chapter 10 of the Daodejing by Steve Bokenkamp of Arizona State.

(Earlier, I reposted his classic 1993 Daoism FAQ, which is pretty fun. )

2 thoughts on “Saltveit’s new project:

  1. Quick clarification on behalf of Mark: his current post is actually a post of a blog piece BY Steve Bokenkamp. If you’re interested in Bokenkamp, get thee over to Mark’s blog.

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