TOC: South China Quarterly 2015, no. 1

Read on for the table of contents of the new issue of South China Quarterly 《南國學術》:


South China Quarterly – 1st Issue 2015 Table of Contents

主辦Host澳門大學(University of Macau)

承辦:澳門大學社會科學學院     澳門大學澳門研究中心

  • 與名家面對面(Interview with Celebrities)·

人文教育與中國高等教育的未來                       張豈之/趙萬峰

The Future of Chinese Humanistic Education and Higher Education

Zhang Qizhi & Zhao Wanfeng

  • 前沿聚焦(Frontier Focus)·


——發展經濟學的視閾                                  洪銀興

How Will China Modernize in the Future: On the

Perspective of Development Economics                           Hong Yinxing


數碼象徵主義三重解                                         黃鳴奮

Three Approaches to Digital Symbolism                         Huang Mingfen


二十世紀中國翻譯史研究的起承轉合(上)                     鄒振環

The Starting, Reinforcement, Transition and Conclusion of Study on

China’s Translation History in the 20th Century (I)                 Zou Zhenhuan


  • 時代問題論爭(Controversy in Current Issues)·


——當代中國教育界“經典”之爭的多重性質               詹福瑞Complex Relationship between “Education” and “Classics”:

Multiple Natures of Controversies about “Classics” in Contemporary

Chinese Education Community                                  Zhan Furui



——“燕行錄”研究中存在的問題                          張伯偉

Name • Literature • Method: Problems in the Study on “Yan Xing Lu”     Zhang Bowei



——評學術界對解釋學的一種錯誤理解                   王金福

On the Relationship between Hermeneutics and Understanding or Interpretation:Comments on the Academia’s Misunderstanding

of Hermeneutics                                               Wang Jinfu



——向俞宣孟研究員請教                                陳 炎

How to “Carry Metaphysics Through to the End”? :

A Discussion with Mr. Yu Xuanmeng                               Chen Yan


  • 思想者茶座(Thinker’s Teahouse)·

從別傳到經典:清代“易圖學”的重建                         陳居淵

From Biography to Classic:

The New Interpretation of “Yi-Diagram” in Qing Dynasty             Chen Juyuan


——兼論審美的“無目的的合目的性”                      王元驤

Why Education Cannot Go Without Aesthetics:

“Purposiveness Without Purpose” in Aesthetics                   Wang Yuanxiang



——科學被高估的危險與哲學對常識的捍衛           [德國]施耐德

Multiple Meanings of “Experience” in Modern Society: Risks of

Overestimating Science and Defense of Common Sense against     Hans Julius Schneider


  • 獨家評論(Exclusive Comments)·


——人類學視角下的當代文藝                      [法國]達羅斯

Works as “Action”: Contemporary Art and Literature from

the Perspective of Anthropology                               Philippe Daros


  • 域外傳真(Overseas Express)·


——從霍克海默到弗斯特                                 王鳳才

On Interpretation of the Four Generations of Frankfurt School (I):

From Max Horkheimer to Rainer Forst                           Wang Fengcai


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