Speaking Opportunity in New York City

Global Scholarly Publications is organizing a seminar on “Contemporary Global Conflicts and Crises: Historical Solutions shaped by cultural perspectives” on Dec. 1, 2017, from 4-9pm, and are interested in locating a participant with expertise in the PRC. For more information, please read on — and contact the person listed below for further information or if you are interested.


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Announcement of a Seminar

  1. Date: Dec 1, 2017 4-9 pm
  2. Place: 777 UN Plaza, 10th floor (44th Street and 1st Avenue- across UN and First Avenue)
  3. General topic:

Contemporary Global Conflicts and Crises:

Historical Solutions shaped by cultural perspectives (*)

  1. Format: a round table-symposium discussion forum. There will be a minimum hour of social for audience to engage with participants.
  2. Buffet Dinner will be served. Attendance is free of charge.

Contact: Professor Parviz Morewedge. 917-658-3430. pmorewed@gmail.com. 220 Madison Avenue, suite 11G. New York, NY 10016

*Note:.  Neither the organizers of the conference nor the institutions with which participants are affiliated is responsible for specific views of the presenters. The only presupposition of the seminar is the usefulness of dialogue among individuals holding different perspectives.



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