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  1. Congratulations indeed –

    but the link just takes me to the Sharpe home page. Can you paste the contents here?

    • The link is fixed now, but here’s the TOC just in case.

      On Jiang Qing: Guest Editor’s Introduction p. 3
      David Elstein

      A Critique of Jiang Qing’s “Political Ruism” p. 9
      Lee Ming-huei

      Caught Between Embracing Modernity and Reviving the Past: A Critique of Jiang Qing’s “Political Ruism” p. 21
      Jiang Xiaojun

      Is the “Kingly Way of Politics” a Good Thing?: A Critique of Jiang Qing’s “Ruist Constitutionalism” p. 40
      Wang Shaoguang

      The Dangers of Reconstructing Ru Religion, Its Necessity, and an Intermediate Line p. 62
      Zhang Xianglong

      Three Ideas of Democracy and the Resources of Ru Thought p. 80
      Fan Ruiping

    • Thanks David!

      (The link still doesn’t work for me – it still sends me to the broadest Sharpe search page — not the home page as I mistakenly said before. But no matter.)

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