Study Chinese Philosophy in English at Fudan

Prof. BAI Tongdong would like to announce an exciting new opportunity to study Chinese philosophy, in English (though also with Chinese language courses), at Fudan University in Shanghai. Note that there is some substantial financial assistance available. There are both 2-year MA and 1-year non-degree options. Sounds terrific!

EMA Program in Chinese Philosophy and Culture

Fudan University

Shanghai, China

  1. I. Academic Programs


These programs are aimed to offer opportunities of learning Chinese and studying Chinese philosophy to overseas postgraduate students or college students in their junior and senior years who have yet been able to master the Chinese language.  In addition to Chinese language classes, these programs offer courses on Chinese philosophy as well as other related courses in English at Fudan University.  Fudan University is a leading institution of higher education in China, and is experienced with and renowned for educating overseas students.  The School of Philosophy at Fudan is a top philosophy department in China.  The university is located in Shanghai, the most dynamic city of China that belongs to a region that is rich in Chinese traditions and cultures.  These programs will begin in the Fall semester of 2011, which will be among the first of such programs in mainland China.

Master Program

This is a two-year degree program.  The students who apply for the program should have a college degree from an accredited institution upon entering the program. We offer courses such as Classical Chinese Philosophy, Daoism and Its Texts, Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy, Issues in Chinese Spiritualities and Religions, Chinese Philosophy from a Comparative Perspective, etc. To get the degree, the students are required to get at least 28 credits (9 credits for 3 courses in Chinese Language, 15 credits for five required major courses and 4 credits for 2 elective courses). A master thesis is required for obtaining the master degree.  Other than the above courses, students are also allowed to take courses that are offered by other departments at Fudan University (up to 6 credits per semester).

Non-Degree Program

This is a one-year program.  The students who apply for the program should be postgraduate students or students who will be in their junior or senior years upon entering the program.  The students must complete 3-4 major courses, and 1-2 courses of Chinese.  Upon the completion of the program, the students will be given a certificate.  Other than the above courses, students are also allowed to take courses that are offered by other departments at Fudan University (up to 6 credits per semester).

Audit Program

This program is based upon individual courses.  The students must have a college degree, or a proof of active enrollment of an accredited college and the completion of their junior year of studies.  A transcript of courses taken in this program will be offered by request.  If the students decide to pursuit either of the above two programs later, these courses may be carried over.

  1. II. Curriculum for Master Degree Program
    1. Chinese (3 courses, 3 credits each).  Modern Chinese (Beginning), Modern Chinese (Advanced), Classical Chinese.
    2. 2. Required Major Courses (5 courses, 3 credits each).
    3. 3. Elective Major Courses (2 courses, 2 credits each).
    4. 4. Thesis.

  1. III. Sample Major Course Offerings
  • Chinese Intellectual History: The Ancient Period
  • Classical Chinese Philosophy
  • History of Chinese Philosophy: Han and Wei
  • Daoism and Its Texts
  • Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy
  • Neo-Confucianism
  • Issues in Chinese Spiritualities and Religions
  • The Four Books
  • Han Fei Zi
  • Special Topics: Wei Jin Xuan Xue
  • Special Topics: Chinese Philosophy and Its Methods
  • Chinese Philosophy from a Comparative Perspective
  • Special Topics: Chinese Philosophy in the English Speaking World
  • Confucianism: Then and Now
  • East Asian Yogacara Buddhism
  • Political-Religious Relationship of Modern Buddhism
  • War and Peace in Ancient Chinese philosophy.
  • Ways of Contemplation in China.
  • Dialogical Styles in Chinese Philosophy.
  • Issues in Chinese and Indian Logic
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Sanskrit for Reading
  • Seminar: Issues in Indian Philosophy

  1. IV. Tuition and Living Expenses

Tuition for Master and Visiting Students Programs is RMB 50,000 a year.  Students are also required to cover other expenses while living in Shanghai. Rooms are available in on-campus Foreign Students Dormitories, and the monthly rent for a single room (with a shared bathroom) ranges from RMB 1,200 per month to 2,700 per month.  Meals at an on-campus dining facility costs less than RMB 1,000 per month.  Please check the website of the Foreign Student Office for further information (Foreign Student Office, Fudan University,220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433, China, TEL: 86-21-6511 7628, 86-21-6564 2258, FAX: 86-21-6511 7298, Email:, Website: or

  1. V. Scholarship

Various types of scholarships are available.  For students who will enroll in the master program in the Fall semester of 2011, at least 2 students will get scholarships (“Chinese Government Special Scholarship—Postgraduate Program” or “Fudan University Shanghai Government Foreign Student Scholarship”) that cover tuition and room, as well as some living expenses.  Fudan University also offers Fudan Student Fellowship annually to second-year foreign students based on a campus-wide competition that can cover part of the tuition.

  1. Application

For students who wish to enroll in the Fall semester, the beginning date of application is November 15 of the previous year.  The priority deadline is March 1 of the same year as that of enrollment.  Applications that are submitted after March 1 and before June 1 might be considered.  Notification letters for those who submit their applications before the priority deadline will be sent out by April 1.  For other students, the notification letters will be sent out within one month after the application is received. 

Application materials include:

  • On-Line Application Form ( (the form for this program will be added soon)
  • On-Line Scholarship Form(s) (
  • Official Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended.
  • Copy of diploma(s) from all post-secondary institutions attended if applicable.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation.
  • Proof of English language efficiency if the student’s native language is not English and doesn’t attend college(s) in which courses are taught in English.  The proof can be test results of any internationally recognized test of English language proficiency (TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, etc.).
  • A personal statement, a writing sample, and a copy of passport.
  • A non-refundable application fee of CNY 500.

Contact Information:

Prof. Bai Tongdong
Chinese Philosophy and Culture Programs
School of Philosophy
Fudan University
220 Han Dan Road
Shanghai, 200433

Phone number: 86-21-6564-2731

Fax: 86-21-65642732

Email: (for more information about this program)School’s website:

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  1. Please advise me about chinese philosophy courses at Faudan, starting in September 2013.

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  2. I think, i won’t get a scholarship. My question: Do you help students to get a job? Yours Faithfully and thank you

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