The Princeton Early Text Cultures Workshop

The Princeton Early Text Cultures Workshop will bring together 11 graduate students from the USA and the UK, specialists in Early China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient Rome and Greece, to discuss similarities and differences in the patterns of textual formation and textual practices in early civilizations. These patterns define the social role of texts, the composition of their audience, the repertoire of text types, and the paths towards the development of creative literature.

What: Graduate Workshop

When: April 16 and 17, 2016

Where: 202 Jones Hall, Princeton University


“Intertextuality as Time Travel”

Tom Mazanec (Princeton, EAS) and Leon Grek (Princeton, Comp Lit)

“Listing the Memorable: Titulary Literature in Mesopotamia and China”

Mercedes Valmisa (Princeton, EAS) and Irene Plantholt (U Penn, NELC)

“Measuring Time, Making History: Chronicles and Chronological Tables in Early Western and Chinese Traditions”

Jinsong Guo (Princeton, EAS) and Madeline McMahon (Princeton, History)

“The Re-invention of Kingship by Literate Elites: Warring States China and Post-Persian Babylonia”

Yegor Grebnev (Oxford, Oriental Studies) and Mary Frazer (Yale, NELC)

APRIL 17, 10AM-12PM

“Constructing the Anthology: Between Warring States China and the Hellenistic Mediterranean”

Rens Krijgsman (Oxford, Oriental Studies), Heng Du (Harvard, EALC) and Monica Park (Harvard, Classics) 

For more information about participants and schedule, and to register for meals, please contact Mercedes Valmisa at

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