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I’m happy to announce that a project I have been working on for some time has now reached a level of maturity that I feel comfortable sharing it publicly. is a mainly Chinese-language website that aims to share Chinese versions of writings about progressive approaches to Confucianism. (Jinbu ruxue or 进步儒学 means progressive Confucianism.) Some of the material originally appeared in Chinese, and some of it was originally in English and has been translated specifically for this project. (All work appears with permission.) The site also has an English-language version, although the underlying essays and other materials are still in Chinese.

The contributors to this website have many differences, but share a common understanding of Confucianism as a living tradition, a still-developing tradition. In addition, we believe that as Confucianism develops in the contemporary world, it must be inclusive, supporting the ability of all people to improve ethically. In the essays and other materials collected on the site, we argue that the values of the Confucian tradition should be expressed in new ways in the 21st century. This is what the Book of Changes calls “changing with the times 与时偕行,” the Greater Learning calls “daily renewal 日新,” and the Analects calls “reviewing the old to know the new 温故而知新.” We call this contemporary, developing form of Confucianism “Progressive Confucianism.”

The site focuses on Chinese-language versions of our material because in the first instance, our goal is to have an impact on Chinese-language discussions of what Confucianism is and can be. Any thoughts on this project or suggestions for changes or future development are welcome!

3 replies on “The Progressive Confucian Web”

  1. Hi Steve, congratulations to this new project. I have difficulties opening these two sites, though. I will try again next week.

  2. Hi Kai — you may have noticed that WW&W was unavailable for a couple days; the company that hosts our server had a huge mishap and all websites they support were unavailable. The jinburuxue site is hosted by the same company, and has not been restored yet. Hopefully later today!

  3. Hi Kai and all — just FYI, the site is back up. (If anyone still has trouble loading it, please clear your browser’s cache and browsing history, and then it should work.)

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