ToC: Asian Philosophy 33:2

Routledge has recently published a new issue of Asian Philosophy, 33:2. In this new issue which was published in April of 2023 there are 7 new articles. Please read below for a table of contents.

Obituary: Dr Brian Carr (1946–2022)
Ian Richard Netton

A new critique of Mou Zongsan’s Kantian interpretation of Mengzi’s ethics
Xiangnong Hu

‘Betweenness’ and ‘twofoldness’: A cross-cultural interpretation of the aesthetic appreciation of paintings
Peng Feng

Emptiness, negation, and skepticism in Nāgārjuna and Sengzhao
Eric S. Nelson

Han Fei and conceptions of universal and Chinese human rights
Frédéric Krumbein

Chinese Islam’s understanding of Zhongxiao : Jin Tian-zhu’s Qing Zhen Shi Yi
Lee Oh Ryun

Buddhism and Spinoza on the three kinds of knowledge
Soraj Hongladarom

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