ToC: Asian Philosophy 34:1

Taylor & Francis Online is happy to announce that they are releasing a new issue of Asian Philosophy, 34:1. Please read below for a table of contents.

Philosophical incantations (Itihāsa and Epode). The power of narrative reason in the Mahābhārata
Raquel Ferrández Formoso

The idea of shan 善 (goodness): A neglected philosophical relation between Guodian’s ‘Wu xing’ and Xunzi
Fan He

A posthumanist reading of the “happy” fish in The Zhuangzi
Quan Wang
Unity and multiplicity of Ibn ‘Arabī’s philosophy in Indonesian Sufism
Ismail Lala

Assertive or indicative? A philosophical study on translating the Confucian concept you yu yi 游於藝
Le Li & Riccardo Moratto

Things, order, and the resurgence of contingency: Xiong Bolong 熊伯龍 (1617–1670) and his Wuhe ji 無何集
Xiaozhou Zou

Zhuangzi’s ethical nihilism
David E. Soles & Deborah H. Soles

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