ToC: Asian Philosophy vol. 31 no. 1

The latest issue of Asian Philosophy has been published. The Table of Contents:

“The Chinese concept of tolerance and the epochal spirit”

by Xunwu Chen

“Mindful wisdom: The path integrating memory, judgment, and attention”

By Marc-Henri Deroche

“Arthur Danto as a Zen master: an interpretation of Danto’s philosophy of art from a Zen perspective”

By Peng Feng

“The meanings of Zheng 正 in the Daoist classics”

By Joshua Mason

“Chinese philosophy of life, relational ethics and the COVID-19 pandemic”

By Jana S. Rošker

“Contrasting tools of thought: Chinese correlations and Western analogies”

By Travis Walker

“‘Confucianization of law’ revisited”

By Chi Zeng




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