TOC: Comparative Philosophy 9:2 (July 2018)

Here is information on the current issue (volume 9 no 2 / July 2018 issue) of the peer-reviewed, open-access international journal Comparative Philosophy (ISSN 2151-6014), which came out in July 2018 and whose full text is available at the journal website


JOHNSON, Monte Ransome & SHULTS, Brett / Early Pyrrhonism as a Sect of Buddhism? A Case Study in the Methodology of Comparative Philosophy 1

JONES, Richard H. / Dialetheism, Paradox, and Nāgārjuna’s Way of Thinking 41

KING, Brandon / The [Not So] Hidden Curriculum of the Legalist State in the Book of Lord Shang and the Han-Fei-Zi 69

WILLIAMS, John R. / Two Paradigmatic Strategies for Reading Zhuang Zi’s
“Happy Fish” Vignette as Philosophy: Guo Xiang’s and Wang Fuzhi’s Approaches 93


ROŠKER, Jana S. / Book Review on New Frontiers of Chinese Philosophy (edited & trans. by Nevad Kahteran) 105


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