ToC: Comparative Political Theory Volume 1.1

Dear Colleagues,

The inaugural issue of Comparative Political Theory is now available. This new journal explicitly welcomes submissions dealing with East Asian thought. Please find the table of contents below as well as a link to the full text: HERE.

Volume 1.1

Editorial Statement

Authors: Takamichi Sakurai and Nicholas Tampio

One thought on “ToC: Comparative Political Theory Volume 1.1

  1. Indeed, this journal has already accepted such submissions on East Asian thought by publishing a book panel on my 2019 book “Confucianism’s Prospects: A Reassessment” , with commentaries by Dongxian Jiang, Sarah Mattice, Sam Crane and Sungmoon Kim (pages 105-152 in the list of contents above).
    Brill is enforcing the usual strict paywall access rule, so I ask interested Warp, Weft and Way readers to request their universities to take out a subcription to this new and promising journal.

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