TOC: Contemporary Confucianism Volume 17

Contemporary Confucianism (当代儒学) Volume 17 has been published (in Chinese); the full text is available here. The English table of contents follows.

Studies of Liberty Confucianism

First Discussion                                                                                                                    Li Cunshan & Song Daqi

Second Discussion                                                                                                          Ren Jiantao & Zhao Fasheng

Third Discussion                                                                                                              Fang Xudong & Xie Xiaodong

Fourth Discussion                                                                                                            Tu Keguo & Li Ruohui


Explorations of the Thoughts in Contemporary Confucianism

Reconstruction Sacred Domain of Transcendence—Confucian reflection on Value Crisis Caused by Technology                                                                                                      Huang Yushun

Chinese Gnosticism—Criticizing on Mou Zongsan’s Metaphysics                                      Yang Wanjiang

On the Thought Distributive Justice and Modern Reflection of Confucian                              Dun Peng

Three Historical Evolutions of the Traditional Confucian View of Female                              Cui Haidong

Speech and Rites—Xunzi’s View of Freedom of Speech                                                    Xing Shuguang

How Can the Unbearing Mind Accomplish a Royal Government?                                            An Peng


Special Subject on Modern Nation-Building and Modern Ritual of Confucianism

National Identity and the Construction of Modern Rites in Confucianism                              Hu Jiaojian

National Identity and the Modernized Construction of “New-Ritual”                                    Huang Yushun


Studies of Comparative Philosophy

The Exploration and Deviation of the Interpretation of Neo-Confucian Theory of Cultivation: examples drawn from Iso Kern and Stephen Angle                                                           Yao Yusong

Two-Layer Ontology: Absolute and Knowledge—Fichte’s and Mou Zongsan’s Theory of Self-consciousness and Being                                                                                                    Li Tengfei

The Basic Issue of Confucian Ethic Modernization—Starting from a Discussion on Roger Ames’s Notion of the “Correlative”                                                                                    Wang Peikun


Researches into the Documents of Contemporary Confucianism

Why is Confucianism Modernizing?—Book View of Confucianism and its Modernization By Prof. Li Xiaochun                                                                                                                Zhang Yanliang


Observations on the New Trends in Contemporary Confucianism

The Contribution and Development of Life Confucianism—Academic Summaries of the 3rd Conference on Life Confucianism                                                                                      Hu Jiaojian

Self-Cultivation, Family Regulation, Self-Governance and World Realizing in the Modern China—Proceedings of Conference on “Body (Shen), Mind (Xin), and the World (Tianxia)”      Jiang Minxin


Interviews with Contemporary Confucians

Enlighten Reality with Classical Wisdom—An Interview with Professor Zhu Cheng              Ding Yu & Shangchun


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