ToC: Dao 13:4

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Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2014
Sino-Japanese Philosophy

Issue Editors: Wing-keung LAM, Ching-yuen Cheung
ISSN: 1540-3009 (Print) 1569-7274 (Online)

Guest Editors’ Introduction
Wing-keung Lam, Ching-yuen Cheung Pages 451-452

Philosophy of Doctrinal Classification: Kōyama Iwao and Mou Zongsan
Tomomi Asakura Pages 453-468

Three Strands of Nothingness in Chinese Philosophy and the Kyoto School: A Summary and Evaluation
Curtis A. Rigsby Pages 469-489

Nishitani on Emptiness and Historical Consciousness
Chen-kuo Lin Pages 491-506

Nishida Kitarō’s Philosophy of Body
Ching-yuen Cheung Pages 507-523

Two Confucian Theories on Children and Childhood: Commentaries on the Analects and the Mengzi
Pauline C. Lee Pages 525-540

Wandering the Way: A Eudaimonistic Approach to the Zhuāngzǐ
Chris Fraser Pages 541-565

A Human Rights Debate on Physical Security, Political Liberty, and the Confucian Tradition
Benedict S. B. Chan Pages 567-588

Reply to Curie Virág
Ian Johnston, Ping Wang Pages 589-590

Reply to Ian Johnston and Ping Wang
Curie Virág Pages 591-592

Bao, Qinggang 暴慶剛, Reflection and Reconstruction: A Study of Guo Xiang’s Commentary to the Zhuangzi 反思與重構: 郭象《莊子註》研究
Joanna Guzowska Pages 593-596

Ge, Zhaoguang, An Intellectual History of China, Vol. 1: Knowledge, Thought, and Belief before the Seventh Century CE, trans. by Michael S. Duke and Josephine Chiu-Duke
Paul R. Goldin Pages 597-600

Luo, Bingxiang 羅秉祥, Chen Qiangli 陳強立, and Zhang Ying 張穎, Bioethics: From the Perspective of Chinese Philosophy 生命倫理學的中國哲學思考
Zhen Cai Pages 601-603

Olberding, Amy, ed., Dao Companion to the Analects
Bryan Van Norden Pages 605-608

Qing, Xitai 卿希泰, and Zhan Shichuang 詹石窗, eds., A History of Chinese Daoist Thought 中國道教思想史. 4 volumes
Lijuan Zhang Pages 609-612

Seok, Bongrae, Embodied Moral Psychology and Confucian Philosophy
Brian Bruya Pages 613-616

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