ToC Dao 16:2

The latest issue of Dao is now available (16:2, June 2017) . The Table of Contents follows.

Interpretational Paradox, Implicit Normativity, and Human Nature: Revisiting Weakness of Will from a Perspective of Comparative Philosophy
Yujian Zheng

Comparison by Metaphor: Archery in Confucius and Aristotle
Rina Marie Camus

The Reconciliation of Filial Piety and Political Authority in Early China
Soon-ja Yang

“Knowing What Is Sufficient” and the Embodied Nature of Contentment in the Laozi and the “Neiye”
Matthew Duperon

From Leaky Pots to Spillover-Goblets: Plato and Zhuangzi on the Responsiveness of Knowledge
Jeremy Griffith

Mysticism of Chan/Zen Enlightenment: A Rational Understanding through Practices
Ming Dong Gu & Jianping Guo

Above the Literal Sense: Hermeneutical Rules in Zhu Xi, Eckhart, and Augustine
Shuhong Zheng

Cai, Renhou 蔡仁厚, Wang Yangming’s Philosophy 王陽明哲學
Sihao CHEW

Chen, Wangheng, Chinese Environmental Aesthetics, translated by Feng Su, edited by Gerald Cipriani
David Brubaker

Ding, Weixiang 丁為祥, Intellectual Personality and Genealogy of Thought—A Study of Zhu Zi’s Philosophical Perspective and Its Historical Influence 學術性格與思想譜系——朱子的哲學視野及其歷史影響的發生考察
Yves Vendé

Mattice, Sarah A., Metaphor and Metaphilosophy: Philosophy as Combat, Play, and Aesthetic Experience
Kathleen Wright

McLeod, Alexus, Theories of Truth in Chinese Philosophy: A Comparative Approach
James Peterman

Zhang, Yongchao 張永超, and Liu Junli 劉君莉, Between Heaven and Man: New Discussions on the Confucian and Taoist Concepts of Heaven and Man天人之際——儒道天人觀新論
Fan He

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