ToC: Dao 18:1

The latest issue of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy (18:1) has been published. See here or below for the Table of Contents.

In this issue (15 articles)

  1. Recognition and Trust: Hegel and Confucius on the Normative Basis of Ethical Life
    • Alexei Procyshyn, Mario Wenning, Pages 1-22.
    • Original Paper
  2. Nunchi, Ritual, and Early Confucian Ethics
    • Seth Robertson Pages, 23-40.
    • Original Paper
  3. Happiness and the Good Life: A Classical Confucian Perspective
    • Shirong Luo, Pages 41-58.
    • Original Paper
  4. The Heart of Compassion in Mengzi 2A6
    • Dobin Choi, Pages 59-76.
    • Original Paper
  5. Dynamic Model of Emotions: The Process of Forgetting in the Zhuangzi
    • Linna Liu, Sihao Chew, Pages 77-90.
    • Original Paper
  6. Moving Meditation: Paik Nam June’s TV Buddha and Its Zen Buddhist Aesthetic Meaning
    • Tae-seung Lim, Pages 91-107.
    • Original Paper
  7. A Buddhist Response to Kwok-ying Lau’s Phenomenology and Intercultural Understanding
    • Patricia Huntington, Pages 109-118.
    • Original Paper
  8. Law of Genre and Intercultural Philosophy: A Reading of Kwok-ying Lau’s Phenomenology and Intercultural Understanding
    • Jin Y. Park, Pages 119-126.
    • Original Paper
  9. Whither Intercultural Philosophy? Responses to Comments and Questions on Phenomenology and Intercultural Understanding: Toward a New Cultural Flesh
    • Kwok-ying Lau, Pages 127-136.
    • Original Paper
  10. Hunter, Michael, Confucius beyond the Analects
    • Hin Ming Frankie Chik, Pages 137-141.
    • Book Review
  11. Van Auken, Newell Ann, The Commentarial Transformation of the Spring and Autumn
    • Eric Henry, Pages 143-146.
    • Book Review
  12. Wang, Kun 王堃, Simplicity Provides Capability to Bring Things to Completion: Reflections of Traditional Dao of Rou in Modern Society 簡能成物: 柔性傳統在現代社會之反思
    • Lili Zhang, Pages 147-150.
    • Book Review
  13. Wang, Zhongjiang, Daoism Excavated: Cosmos and Humanity in Early Manuscripts, trans. by Livia Kohn St. Petersburg, FL: Three Pines, 2015, vi + 212 pages
    • Paul R. Goldin, Pages 151-154.
    • Book Review
  14. Zhan, Shichuang 詹石窗, ed., Integration of the Essence of Daoxue in the Past Centenary 百年道學精華集成
    • Xin He, Pages 155-158.
    • Book Review
  15. Zhao, Jingang 趙金剛, ZhuXi’s Conception of History 朱熹的歷史觀
    • Xinyu Wang, Pages 159-162.
    • Book Review

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