ToC: Dao 20:4

Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 20:4 has been published. See below for the Table of Contents.

From Ritual Culture to the Classical Confucian Conception of Yì
Jinhua Jia

Mohist Optics and Analogical Reasoning
Boqun Zhou

Dressing as a Sage: Clothing and Self-cultivation in Early Confucian Thought
Naiyi Hsu

Two Levels of Emotion and Well-Being in the Zhuangzi
Sangmu Oh

Confucius and the “Rectification of Names”: Hu Shi and the Modern Discourse on Zhengming
Carine Defoort

Paternalistic Gratitude: The Theory and Politics of Confucian Political Obligation
Shu-Shan Lee

On Reconstructions of Confucius as a Philosopher
Eske Møllgaard

Ritual: The Root of Trust
Warren G. Frisina

Trust and Recognition Reconsidered
Alexei Procyshyn, Mario Wenning

Balbo, Andrea, and Jaewon Ahn, eds., Confucius and Cicero: Old Ideas for a New World, New Ideas for an Old World
Mark Kevin S. Cabural

Huang, Yushun 黃玉順, Voice From the East: The Chinese Theory of Justice 中國正義論的重建——儒家制度倫理學的當代闡釋
Huilan Zhu

Jia, Lianxiang 賈連翔, Collected Annotations of the Unearthed Numerical Hexagrams’ Texts 出土數字卦文獻輯釋
Sutong Hao

Pfister, Lauren, Vital Post-Secular Perspectives on Chinese Philosophical Issues
Manuel Rivera Espinoza

Qing, Xitai 卿希泰, and Zhan Shichuang 詹石窗, eds., General History of Chinese Daoism 中國道教通史. 5 volumes
Lijuan Zhang

Zhao, Tingyang (translated by Joseph E. Harroff), All under Heaven: The Tianxia System for a Possible World Order
Haimo Li

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