ToC: Dao 21:1

Dao: a Journal  of Comparative Philosophy 21:1 has been published. There are 11 articles in this issue that was published in March of 2022. See below for the Table of Contents.

Truth and Chinese Philosophy: A Plea for Pluralism
Frank Saunders Jr.

Operating with Names: Operational Definitions in the Analects and Beyond
Dawid Rogacz

Moral Psychology of the Confucian Heart-Mind and Interpretations of Ceyinzhixin
Bongrae Seok

On Becoming a Rooster: Zhuangzian Conventionalism and Survival of Death
Michael Tze-Sung Longenecker

Grand Family-tending, Wonderland-exploring, and Human Realization: A comparison and Contrast between Zhang Zai’s “Western Inscription” and Kant’s “Conclusion” of the Critique of Practical Reason
Puqun Li

Forming One Body with All Things: Organicism and the Pursuit of an Embodied Theory of Mind
Warren G. Frisina

Cheng, Chung-Ying 成中英, A Survey on Chinese Classical Political Philosophy 中國古典政治哲學發微
Qing Li

Review of Three Books by or on François Jullien
Carl Mitcham

Liu, Yuli 劉餘莉, Confucian Ethics and Virtue Ethics 儒家倫理與美德倫理
Zhaohui Mao

Nguyen, A. Minh, ed., New Essays in Japanese Aesthetics
Adam Loughnane

Xiang, Shiling 向世陵, ed., Collected Studies and Debates on the Argument ofKe Ji Fu Li Wei Ren” “克己復禮為仁”研究與爭鳴
Jifen Li

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