ToC: Dao 21:2

Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 21:2 has recently been published. There are 14 articles in this issue that was published in June 2022. Read below for a table of contents.

Chinese and Global Philosophy: Postcomparative Transcultural Approaches and the Method of Sublation
Jana S. Rošker

Much Adwu about Nothing: A Nonrealist Reading of Wang Bi’s Dao
Joseph Suk-Hwan Dowd

Understanding Dao in Methodological Terms
Xinkan Zhao

Confucian Education: From Conformity to Cultivating Personal Distinction
Kurtis Hagen

An Empirical Argument for Mencius’ Theory of Human Nature
Ilari Mäkelä

“Heteronomous Morality So Called by Kant” and Kant’s Heteronomous Morality? —On Mou Zongsan’s Confucian Reading of Kant’s Ethics
Weimin Shi

The Notion of Aphoa in Chinese Buddhism
Chien-hsing Ho

The Notion of Awareness of Self-awareness and the Problem of Infinite Regress in the Cheng Weishi Lun
Chih-chiang Hu

Ames, Roger T., Human Becomings: Theorizing Persons for Confucian Role Ethics
Yuzhou Yang

Huang, Yushun 黃玉順, The Formation of Chinese Theory of Justice: A Tradition of Ethics of Institution From the Duke of Zhou to Confucius, Mencius, and Xunzi 中國正義論的形成 : 周孔孟荀的制度倫理學傳統
Yiling Zhou

Ng, Benjamin Wai-ming, ed., The Making of the Global Yijing in the Modern World: Cross-cultural Interpretations and Interactions
Bent Nielsen

Parkes, Graham, How to Think About the Climate Crisis: A Philosophical Guide to Saner Ways of Living
Dimitra Amarantidou

Wu, Genyou 吳根友, A History of Chinese Philosophy (on the Qing Period) 中國哲學通史(清代卷)
Zemian Zheng

Xu, Jiaxing 許家星, Scriptural Learning and Real Principle: A Study of Zhu Xi’s Scholarship on the Four Books 經學與實理: 朱子四書學研究
Shuhong Zheng

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