ToC: Dao 21:3

Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 21:3 has recently been published. There are 13 articles in this issue that was published in July of 2022. Read below for the table of contents.

The Golden Rule, Humanity, and Equality: Shu and Ren in Confucius’ Teachings and Beyond
Junghwan Lee

Moral Extension and Emotional Cultivation in Mèngzǐ
Myeong-Seok KIM

Confucian Political Order and the Ethics/Politics Distinction: A Reassessment

Yutang Jin

Mental Partitioning and Explanations of Mental Conflict: An Investigation of Han Sources with Reference to Greek Psychology
Jordan Palmer Davis

Tocqueville between America and China and Democracy
Sungmoon Kim

Is Democracy Coming to Knock on China’s Door? A Reply to Jiwei Ci’s Democracy in China
Joseph Chan

Democracy in China: Reply to My Critics
Jiwei Ci

Chai, David, ed., Daoist Encounters with Phenomenology: Thinking Interculturally about Human Existence
Dimitra Amarantidou and Fabian Heubel

He, Jun 何俊, From Confucian Classics to Neo-Confucianism 從經學到理學
Xinyu Wang

Moeller, Hans-Georg, and Paul J. D’Ambrosio, Genuine Pretending: On the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi
Albert Galvany

Wong, Pak-Hang, and Tom Xiaowei Wang, eds., Harmonious Technology: A Confucian Ethics of Technology
Billy Wheeler

Wu, Chun 吾淳, A History of Chinese Philosophy: The Volume on Ancient Philosophy of Science 中國哲學通史: 古代科學哲學卷
Cheng Wang

Yang, Guorong 楊國榮, Humans and the World: From the Perspective of Shi (Affairs/Engagement/Action) 人與世界: 以事觀之
Suzhen Chen


One thought on “ToC: Dao 21:3

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am the author of “Mental Partitioning and Explanations of Mental Conflict”. After distancing myself from the project for a bit I came back to it and read over it a few more times. Unfortunately, I found a small handful of minor errors that had escaped my notice during revising, editing, and proofing. They are mostly typographical with some page numbers being off a bit, but there’s also a few other minor errors (all a good lesson to keep improving my editing and proofing skills).

    I went ahead and made a list of the minor corrections on my personal website that can be viewed here:

    I hope that these are helpful to readers of the article. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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