ToC: Dao 21:4

Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 21:4 has recently been published. This new issue contains 13 articles. Please read below for a table of contents.

Worries in My Heart: Defending the Significance of You for Confucian Moral Cultivation
Wenhui Xie

“Are You Really Right? Am I Really Wrong?”: Responding to Debates in Zhuāngzǐ2
Stephen C. Walker

The Debate over Xing in the Outer Chapters of the Zhuangzi
Wai Wai Chiu

What Is the “Unity” in the “Unity of Knowledge and Action”?
Harvey Lederman

Can the People (Min) Ever Grow Up? Comments on Shu-Shan Lee, “What Did the Emperor Ever Say?”
Stephen C. Angle

What Is the Emperor to Us?—Relationships, Obligations, and Obedience
Manyul Im

Some Clarification on Confucian Paternalistic Gratitude—Responses to Stephen C. Angle and Manyul Im
Shu-Shan Lee

Chen, Lisheng 陳立勝, From “Self-Cultivation” to Its “Methods”—Manifestation and Turn of the Confucian Theory of “Inner Sageliness” 從 “修身” 到 “工夫” — 儒家 “內聖學” 的開顯與轉折
Chuanben Wang

Fang, Xudong 方旭東, Confucianism, Daoism, and Modern Society 儒道思想與現代社會
Lingling Wang

He, Yixin 何益鑫, Research on the Historical Narratives of Zhouyi’s Hexagram and Line Statements 《周易》卦爻辭歷史敘事研究
Sutong Hao

Jiang, Tao, Origins of Moral-Political Philosophy in Early China: Contestation of Humaneness, Justice, and Personal Freedom
Fan He

Kim, Sungmoon, Theorizing Confucian Virtue Politics: The Political Philosophy of Mencius and Xunzi
Haimo Ll

Rošker, Jana S., Interpreting Chinese Philosophy: A New Methodology
Tamara Ditrich



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