ToC: Dao 22:1

Springer has recently published issue 22:1 of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy. In this issue there are 14 different articles. Please read below for a table of contents.

“Having Respect for” and “Being Respectful”: A Comparison between the Kantian Conception and the Confucian Conception of Respect
Qiannan Li

Recharacterizing the Confucian Golden Rule: The Advent of the Post-Confucius Formula and a Shift of Focus from Ren to Li
Junghwan Lee

Moral Perfection as the Counterfeit of Virtue
Thorn R. Harris

Incipient Cultural Evolution in the Xunzi as Solution to the Liyi Origin Problem
Jordan B. Martin

The Laozi and Anarchism
Matthieu B. Agustoni

Soteriological Mereology in the Pāli Discourses, Buddhaghosa, and Huayan Buddhism
Nicholas Jones

The Problem of Looted Artifacts in Chinese Studies: A Rejoinder to Critics
Paul R. Goldin

Chai, David, ed., Dao Companion to Xuanxue (Neo-Daoism)
Steven Burik

Chen, Lai 陳來, The Confucian Theory of Virtue 儒學美德論
Lili Xin

Chen, Xia 陳霞, An Introduction to Daoist Philosophy 道家哲學引論
Hanting Hu

Fan, Ruiping, and Mark J. Cherry, eds., Sex Robots: Social Impact and the Future of Human Relations
Tongdong Bai

Littlejohn, Ronnie, Chinese Philosophy and Philosophers: An Introduction
Linda Jiayue Song and Paul J D’Ambrosio

Meynard, Thierry 梅謙立, trans. and ed., Confucius, Philosopher of China:Chinese Translation of Confucius Sinarum Philosophus 中國哲學家孔夫子
Shuhong Zheng

Correction to: Through the Mirror: The Account of Other Minds in Chinese Yogācāra Buddhism
Jingjing Li


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