TOC for Dao IX.2 (Summer 2010)

Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy

Volume 9, No. 2, June 2010 (not published yet)


Tan Sor-hoon / Authoritative Master Kong (Confucius) in An Authoritarian Age

Barry Allen / A Dao of Technology?

James Behuniak, Jr. / John Dewey and the Virtue of Cook Ding’s Dao

Galia Patt-Shamir / The Value in Storytelling: Women’s Life-Stories in Confucianism and Judaism

Wu Kuang-ming /  “Let Chinese Thinking Be Chinese, not Western”: Sine Qua Non to Globalization

Huang Chun-Chieh / On the Contextual Turn in the Tokugawa Japanese Interpretation of the Confucian Classics: Types and Problems

Review Essay

Simon Man Ho Wong / Contemporary Chinese Studies of the Philosophy of Liu Zongzhou 劉宗周

Book Reviews

Wang Kai / Chen, Lai陳來, Bamboo-Silk Wu Xing and Researches on Bamboo Strip and Silk Book Literatures竹帛五行與簡帛研究

Paul R. Goldin / Eifring, Halvor, ed., Love and Emotions in Traditional Chinese Literature

Robin R. Wang / Littlejohn, Ronnie L., Daoism: An Introduction

Zhang Xiangrong / Meng, Wentong 蒙文通, Five Essays on Confucianism儒學五論

James Behuniak, Jr. / Wen, Haiming, Confucian Pragmatism as the Art of Contextualizing Personal Experience and World

Yuan Jinmei / Zhai, Jincheng 翟錦程, The Study of the Theories of Ming (Name) in the Pre-Qin Period 先秦名家研究

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  1. Interested in James Behuniak’s “John Dewey and the Virtue of Cook Ding’s Dao.”
    — “In this essay, it is argued that there is indeed a moral dimension to Cook Ding’s dao.”

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