ToC from Dao: A journal of Comparative Philosophy Vol 20 Issue 1

Attached below are a list of articles from the newest edition of Dao

“The Phenomenology of Ritual Resistance: Colin Kaepernick as Confucian Sage”

by Phillip J. Walsh

“Theories of the Heart-mind and Human Nature in the Context of Globalization of Confucianism Today”

by Peimin Ni

“Which Button Do I Push? More Thoughts on Resetting Moral Philosophy in the Western Tradition”

by Ronnie Littejohn

“Skilled Feelings in Chinese and Greek Heart-Mind-Body Metaphors”

By Lisa Raphals

“Realism about Kinds in Later Mohism”

By Chris Fraser

“Yi as “Meaning-Bestowing” in the Xunzi”

By Soon-ja Yang

“Revisiting the Exchange between Zhuangzi and Huizi on Qing”

By Lin Ma and Jaap van Brakel

“Kwak, Jun-Hyeok, and Sungwoo Park, eds., Leo Strauss in Northeast Asia”

By Carl Mitcham

“Li, Wei 李巍, From Analysis of Semantics to Reconstruction of Argument: A New Characterization of Early Chinese Philosophy 從語義分析到道理重構——早期中國哲學的新刻畫”

By Ting-mien Lee

“Ma, Lin, and Jaap Van Brakel, Beyond the Troubled Water of Shifei: From Disputation to Walking-Two-Roads in the Zhuangzi”

By Manuel Rivera Espinoza

“Sang, Yu, Xiong Shili’s Understanding of Reality and Function, 1920–1937″

By Philippe Major

“Wang, Baofeng 王寶峰, Introduction to Future Chinese Philosophy: Paradigm and Methodology 未來中國哲學導論: 範式與方法論”

By Xuetao Liu

“Yin, Hui 殷慧, Ritual and Principle: An Exploration of Zhu Xi’s Thought on Ritual 禮理雙彰: 朱熹禮學思想探微”

By Xinyu Wang

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