ToC: Frontiers of Philosophy in China 15:4

FPC covers nearly all the main branches of philosophy, with priority given to original works on Chinese philosophy and to comparative studies between Chinese philosophy and other types of philosophy in the world.

You are cordially invited to submit research articles, review articles, or book reviews to FPC. Manuscripts should be submitted via email to Welcome your submission and any advice

Current Issue: Vol.15, No.4, 2020

Available at:

(Free download through Feb 1, 2021)



Some Philosophical Thinking about the COVID-19 Pandemic

HAN Zhen

Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 547-566.


Wall, Gate and Self-Other Dynamics: A Confucian Ethics of Separation and Interconnection

YAO Xinzhong

Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 567-585.


Developing Ethical Leadership in China: The Value of Confucian Virtue Ethics


Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 586-611.


The Phenomenological Roots of Technological Intentionality: A Postphenomenological Perspective

Dmytro Mykhailov

Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 612-635.


Comparative Perspectives on Solutions for the Problem of Other Minds

FEI Duoyi

Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 636-652.


Diachronic Emergence and Its Characteristics from the Viewpoint of Complexity Science

FAN Dongping, ZHENG Ben

Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 653-674.




Françoise Dastur. Figures du néant et de la négation entre Orient et Occident (reviewed by François Raffoul)

François Raffoul

Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 675-681.


Hunter, Michael, and Martin Kern, eds. Confucius and the Analect Revisited: New Perspectives on Composition, Dating, and Authorship (reviewed by Rika Dunlap)

Rika Dunlap

Front. Philos. China. 2020, 15 (4): 682-686.

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