TOC: JAOS 143.2 (2023)

The new issue of JAOS, 143.2 (2023), is now available in print and online at, including an essay by Michael Fuller on Wang Anshi.


The Cause of Seamless Integration: Revisiting the Dual Authorship of the Kāvyaprakāśa; by Yigal Bronner

“In the Tune of the King of Khotan”: The Name of Khotan in the Tarim Basin and Beyond; by Federico Dragoni

Making Sense of the Odes: Speeches as Poetic Commentary in the Guoyu; by Luke Waring

On the Goodness Brought by the Ugly Barbarians: A Case Study of the Iranization of Chinese Nomenclature; Sanping Chen

Secondary Stress and Vowel Lengthening in Biblical Aramaic; by Emmanuel Aïm

IL as the Collective Godhead ˀIlū in LB Ugarit; by David Toshio Tsumura

bi-hī, bi-him . . . fī-hu? Pronominal Suffix Harmonization Diversity in Some Vocalized Christian Arabic Gospel Manuscripts; by Phillip W. Stokes

Shahrastānī and the Ismailis: A Critical Reappraisal of the Evidence; by Paul E. Walker

Review Article

Two Approaches to Reexamining the Writings of Wang Anshi (1021–1086); by Michael Fuller

Reviews of Books

Brief Reviews of Books

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