ToC: Journal of World Philosophies 8:2

The latest issue of the   has been published on-line, and all articles are available for download here:

The Table of Contents follows.


Tanzeen Rashed Doha, Godforsakenness

Olívia Maria Gomes da Cunha, What Dwells There? Some Reflections on the Houses that Hold Worlds

Sarah Setlaelo, Mabogo Percy Mores Concept of the Problem of the Oppressed-Oppressor and Intraracial Sexism

Hayashi Yasunori and Helen Verran, Becoming a Knower Through Apory: Taking Inspiration from Nishida in Working with

Yolngu Aboriginal Australians in Northern Australia

Symposium: How Would Feminist Concerns Fare in the Debate between Confucian Role Ethics and Virtue Ethics?

Ann A. Pang-White, Feminism, Confucian Role Ethics, and Virtue Ethics: Some Thoughts on the Problematic of Chastity and Filiality

Stephen C. Angle, A Path Forward for Feminist Confucianism

Sarah A. Mattice, Feminist Confucian Ethics: From Equality to Intersectionality: A Response to Ann Pang-White’s “Feminism, Confucian Role Ethics, and Virtue Ethics”

Lili Zhang, Is Confucian Ethics a Role-based Virtue Ethics? A Response to Ann A. Pang-White

Ann A. Pang-White, Feminism and Confucian Ethics: Reply to Commentators

Intellectual Journeys

Nesta Devine, A Lifetime of Difference

Book Reviews

Melissa Ann-Marie Curley, Philosophical Practice and the Matter of Everyday Life

Anwar Uhuru, A Poesis of Black Leipsis or A Theory of Blackalyspe


Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Enrique Dussel (1934-2023): A Personal Reflection on the Legacy of a Giant Philosopher

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