ToC: Monumenta Serica 71:1

Taylor and Francis Online has recently published Monumenta Serica 71:1. This new issue has 20 different pieces ranging from Articles, to an Obituary and Book Reviews. Please read below for a table of contents.

Seeking Truth beyond Facts: Debates on Facts and History in the Kongcongzi
Thomas Crone

Literary Debts in Tang China: On the Exchange of Money, Merit, and Meter
Thomas J. Mazanec

On the Jingjiao Text Zhixuan anle jing: Its Date and Use of Imagery
Bai Yu

The Functional and Managerial Network of the Imperial Parks (Yuyuan) in the Southern Song Capital Lin’an (Hangzhou)
Silvia Freiin Ebner Von Eschenbach

Die zwei chinesischen Goethe-Besucher und die ausgestellten Chinesen im Deutschland des frühen 19. Jahrhunderts
Jiang Xueqi 江雪奇

The Dictionarium Latino Nankinense and Nanjing Guanhua: Late Qing Mandarin, Lexicographical Questions, and Cross-cultural Translations
Gabriele Tola

Between End and Means: Tensions in Timothy Richard’s China Career
Luke S.K. Kwong 鄺兆江

Patriotism, Science, and the Development of Xu Qian’s “Theology of Liberation in China”
Wang Jue 王珏

Giovanni Stary (1946-2022) in memoriam
Hartmut Walravens

Michael Lackner (ed.), Coping with the Future: Theories and Practices of Divination in East Asia
Tiziana Lippiello

Thomas Zimmer, Der Fremde in der Mitte: Ein Ideen- und kulturgeschichtlicher Abriss der Raumvorstellung Chinas in der späten Kaiserzeit
D.E. Mungello

Richard VanNess Simmons (ed. and trans.), The Sōushén hòujì: Latter Notes on Collected Spirit Phenomena Attributed to Táo Yuānmíng (365–427)
Sheng Yang 盛洋

Chiara Bocci, On Feathers and Furs: The Animal Section in Duan Chengshi’s 段成式 Youyang Zazu 酉陽雜俎 (ca. 853). An Annotated Translation
Paolo De Troia

Matteo Nicolini-Zani, The Luminous Way to the East: Texts and History of the First Encounter of Christianity with China
Mark Dickens

Jin Guoping 金国平, “Zhongguo dafanchuan” yu “Siyin zhi lu” – “Parián” yanjiu “中国大帆船”与“丝银之路”——“Parián”研究
Roderich Ptak

Noel Golvers, Johann Schreck Terrentius, SJ: His European Network and the Origins of the Jesuit Library in Peking
Michela Cigola

Hugo Pinto and Duarte Drumond Braga (coordinators), A Abelha da China nos seus 200 Anos. Casos, Personagens e Confrontos na Experiência Liberal de Macau
Roderich Ptak

Hartmut Walravens (ed.), Stanislas Julien – Wissenschaftliche Korrespondenz über China mit Schilling von Canstadt, Klaproth, Endlicher, Gabelentz, und A. von Humboldt
Li Xuetao

Wan Zhaoyuan, Science and the Confucian Religion of Kang Youwei (1858–1927): China before the Conflict Thesis
Zbigniew Wesołowski SVD

Werner Meißner, Zur Rezeption der Philosophie Henri Bergsons in Europa und Asien
Joseph Ciaudo

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