TOC: Philosophy of Harmony, East and West

The Journal of East-West Thought Special Issue: Philosophy of Harmony: East and West has been published! The table of contents follows:

1)Introduction – Harmony: Origin of Totalitarianism or Patron of Pluralism?
Chenyang Li & Dascha Düring

2)The Lure of Beauty: Harmony as a Conduit of Self-Transcendence
Itay Shani

3)Harmony and Intrinsic Value
Jörg Löschke

4)Connecting Harmony and Justice: Lessons from Feminist Philosophy
Dascha Düring

5)Two Conceptions of Harmony in  Ancient Western and Easteern  Aesthetics: “Dialectic Harmony” and “Ambiguous Harmony”
Tak-lap Yeung

6)A Harmony Account of Chinese Identity
Shuchen Xiang

7)“Harmony” (He 和) and “Coherence” (Li 理)  in Neo-Confucianism
Alice Simionato

8)Gestalt, Harmony, and Human Action in Roman Ingarden’s Thought
Olivier Malherbe

9)Chenyang Li, Fan He, and Lili Zhang, ComprehensivHarmony – Thomé H. Fang’s Philosophy (Book Review)
Shuan Han

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