ToC: T’oung Pao Volume 109

Brill is happy to announce that they have published a new issue of T’oung Pao,Volume 109 (3-4). In this volume there are 7 different articles; please read below for a table of contents.

Transmitted Sayings and Their Transmissibility: Patterns and Meanings of Zhuan yue 傳曰 Quotations in Early Chinese Texts
Yixin Gu

Empty Reality, Luminous Mind: The Metaphysics of “One Reality” and “One Mind” in Shi Sengwei’s “Shizhu jing hanzhu xu”
Sangyop Lee

Bathing through Time and Landscape: Everyday Encounters and Reconstructions at Huaqing Hot Springs (1000–1900)
Fei Huang

The Dharma King Who Took Care of His Family: Penden Trashi and the Rise of a Clan-Based Tibetan Buddhist Society in the Fifteenth-Century Northern Sino-Tibetan Borderland
Xiaobai Hu

Entering Anthologies with Names: The First Generation of Courtesan Poets in Ming Dynasty Nanjing
Jiani Chen

Maître de Huainan: Traité des Figures Célestes 淮南子 “天文訓” , by Marc Kalinowski (trans., ed.)
David W. Pankenier

Heavenly Masters: Two Thousand Years of the Daoist State, by Vincent Goossaert
Richard G. Wang



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