ToC: T’oung Pao

A new issue of T’oung Pao has been published on November 10th, 2022. Click below to see the table of contents.

On General Terms for Texts in Early China
Paul Fahr

Unauthorized Exchanges: Restrictions on Foreign Trade and Intermarriage in the Tang and Northern Song Empires
Sao-yun Yang

From the “Five Dynasties” 五代 to the “Ten States” 十國: Interpreting Post-Tang Identities in Northern Song (960–1127) Historiography
Chen Xue

Parting Ways: Daoism, Politics, and the Ming Book in Zhu Quan’s Letter to Yongle
Bony Schachter

Pu Songling’s “Shibian” 尸變 and Vampiric Chases in the Chinese Tradition of Strange Narratives
Shengyu Wang

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