ToC:Asian Philosophy, Volume 31, Issue 4 (2021)

Existence as a first-order predicate: Themes from Mirdamad
Davood Hosseini
Pages 353-367

Re-visiting the role of craft in Zhuangzi’s philosophy
Raymond W.K. Lau
Pages 368-384

Historical materialism in medieval China: The cases of Liu Zongyuan (773-819) and Li Gou (1009-1059)
Dawid Rogacz
Pages 385-401

Eastern and Western creativity of tradition
ConRong Wang
Pages 402-413

On self-deception: from the perspective of Zhu Xi’s moral psychology
Kaili Wang
Pages 414-429

Is Mohism really li-promotionalism?
Yun Wu & Amin Ebrahimi Afrouzi
Pages 430-440

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