New Book: Lo and Twiss, eds., Chinese Just War Ethics

Routledge has recently published Ping-cheung Lo and Sumner B. Twiss’s wide-ranging edited volume, Chinese Just War Ethics: Origin, Development, and Dissent.  Its contents are below. 


1. Varieties of Statecraft and Warfare Ethics in Early China: An Overview, Ping-cheung Lo

Part I: The Military Tradition 

2. The Art of War Corpus and Chinese Just War Ethics Past and Present, Ping-cheung Lo 

3. Warfare Ethics in Sunzi’s Art of War? Historical Controversies and Contemporary Perspectives, Ping-cheung Lo 

Part II: The Confucian Tradition 

4. The Classical Confucian Position on the Legitimate Use of Military Force, Sumner B. Twiss & Jonathan K. L. Chan 

5. Classical Confucianism, Punitive Expeditions, and Humanitarian Intervention, Sumner B. Twiss & Jonathan K. L. Chan 

6. Xunzi’s Moral Analysis of War and Some of Its Contemporary Implications, Aaron Stalnaker 

7. Wang Yang-ming’s Ethics of War, Sumner B. Twiss & Jonathan K. L. Chan 

Part III: The Daoist and Legalist Traditions 

8. “Weapons Are Nothing but Ominous Instruments”: The Daodejing’s View on War and Peace, Ellen Y. Zhang 

9. Zheng (Punitive Expeditions) as Zheng (Corrective Actions): A Daoist Challenge to Punitive Expeditions, Ellen Y. Zhang 

10. Mohist Arguments on War, Hui-chieh Loy 

11. Legalism and Offensive Realism in the Chinese Court Debate on Defending National Security 81 BCE, Ping-cheung Lo

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