Upcoming Lecture on Warring States Political Thought in Taipei

Dear Colleagues,

if you happen to be in Taipei this week, you might be interested in the upcoming lecture by Dr. Dirk Meyer at the International Center for Chinese Philosophy (ICCP), Soochow University:

ICCP Lecture Series VIII


“The Guming 顧命 (Testimonial Charge). The Construction of Memory in Warring States Politico-philosophical Debate”

Speaker: Dr. Dirk Meyer (University of Oxford, The Queen’s College)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013, 13:30pm – 16:30pm

Location: Soochow University (main campus), Second Academic Building, Room 825



Dr. Meyer’s lecture and the discussion will be held in English. As usual, the lecture is open to the general public.



Kai Marchal


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