Volume 35 of JCPC now available

The latest issue of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture (vol. 35) has been published; full text access to the articles is available here. The Table of Contents is below.

The Need for Confucianism
Stephen C. Angle
Vol. 35 : 5-11

Moral Beauty and the Beast: Ethical Dilemmas in the Mencius
Paul Van Els
Vol. 35 : 13-45

Integrating Care and Respect: Early Confucian Ethics as Inclusive Ethics
Shirong Luo
Vol. 35 : 47-76

The Concept of “a Trust” and Its Relevance to the Right of Rebellion: Mencius and Locke
Sukhee Lee , Jongchul Kim
Vol. 35 : 77-102

The Role of Ancillary Motivations in Xunzi’s Thought
Doil Kim
Vol. 35 : 103-118

A Criminological Test of Confucian Family Centrism
Nicholas Lassi
Vol. 35 : 119-157

Defending Constitutional Democracy on Confucian Terms: Progressive Confucianism and Its Debate with Traditionalist Confucianism in Contemporary China
Dongxian Jiang
Vol. 35 : 159-191

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