Workshop: Methods of Comparative Philosophy

The 四海为学 “Collaborative Learning” Project invites everyone to a workshop session with Professor Tim Connolly of East Stroudsburg University (East Stroudsburg, PA, USA) on “Methods of Comparative Philosophy.”

Those interested in Chinese and Comparative philosophy encounter many different types of studies. Some scholars believe there are universals to be found in the great books of the world’s traditions, while others focus on differences between them. Still others emphasize the need for cross-cultural comparison to contribute to contemporary philosophical issues. What are we doing when we read classical Chinese texts comparatively?

In this session, Tim Connolly will present (30-40 min) on some major issues and approaches to Chinese and Comparative philosophy. He will then open the floor to graduate and undergraduate students to ask questions, share ideas, and learn together (60-90 min).

The session takes place on October 25th at 21:00 Beijing time. All are welcome, students especially!

No registration is required, please use the link on the 四海为学 website to access the Zoom meeting:

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