Workshop on Jiwei Ci’s Political Philosophy

On February 6 (10:00-18:00 PT), there will be a hybrid workshop dedicated to Professor Jiwei Ci’s political philosophy at UC Berkeley. Scan the QR Code in the poster or use this link to register for Zoom participation:

Prof. Ci recently retired from the Department of Philosophy at HKU, where he had taught for decades. Throughout his career, he dedicates himself to the study of important theoretical questions about agency, morality, and democracy by reflecting upon key issues in contemporary China. His scholarship revolutionizes the way of theorizing Chinese politics through the lens of political theory and intellectual history.

In-person and Zoom speakers include:
Timothy Cheek (UBC)
Jiwei Ci (HKU)
John Dunn (Cambridge)
Simon Sihang Luo (Stanford)
Michael Nylan (Berkeley)
Hans Sluga (Berkeley)
Nicholas Tampio (Fordham)
Trenton Wilson (Princeton)
Yin Shoufu (UBC)
Ellen Zhang (Macau)
Wenqing Zhao (Whitman)

Yin Shoufu, Wenqing Zhao and Sihang Luo are co-organizers. The event is kindly sponsored by the Center for Chinese Studies, Institute for International Studies, and East Asian Library at UC Berkeley. It’s also impossible without the help from Professor Michael Nylan.

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